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Memory of Home; Saudi Arabia
Memory of Home; Saudi Arabia
Unryu paper, lithography, projected images
Installation space: 228”x110”, figure: 72”x 22”x15”

This piece was made possible through the contribution of the following people:
Farah Al-Jureidini (Syria)
Belinda Borg (Kenya)
Alia Dia (Syria and Florida, USA)
Shazma Khan (England)
Annie Naseem (Pakistan)
Chrissie Nelson (North Carolina, USA)
Mahmood Reza (Bangladesh)
Danyah Taha (California, USA and Saudi Arabia)
Ngozi Weller (Nigeria)

These were my friends in Saudi Arabia, a few of which I have kept in contact with, but most are people who I have reconnected with through Facebook. They are listed here in alphabetical order along with their country(s) of origin. I asked each person to write me a letter describing his or her experiences living in Saudi Arabia. I was interested to see if there were similarities between our experiences. Excerpts from these letters are incorporated into the prints lining the walls.